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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a dazzling fireworks display in san francisco on this fourth of july. with hundreds of thousands of people right there to watch. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. that fireworks show is one of the largest events of the year in san francisco. happening now ktvu's p atti lee live at the embarcadero. even with all the fireworks it doesn't affect the fog too much. >> reporter: look at the size of this crowd, you don't want to disappoint these many thousands of people and they've
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had about eight minutes to scatter. after the first set of explosions the fireworks explosions went off you could hear a sigh of relief then explosions and cheers. >> reporter: fog could not block the brilliance of these pyrotechnics. which wowed an appreciative crowd of about 200,000 people. the crew working on a barge off pier 39 started the show around 9:30. but spectators started staking out their spots much earlier. janetta barber and her children claimed a bench about 6:30 this evening so they wouldn't have to jockey for space. >> because it gets too crowded. and there's so many people you can't walk. you come out here, get a spot. and fight to get back to the park. >> reporter: more than 2,000 people skipped the scene on the
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sidewalk for a view on the water. >> it's the absolute busiest day of the year. we get thousands of people for this event. >> reporter: the fleet increased the number of boats out by 50%. fireworks cruises sold out days ahead in part because the holiday fell on a friday. >> works out pretty good being that it's on the friday, it helps. having the weekend to go into. >> my daughter finally gets to see the san francisco fireworks, yes she's superexcited. >> when this show ended about five minutes ago we found like salmon swimming upstream. you can see now is the rush hour. but remember the embarcadero doesn't reopen until 11:30. and other main arteries are also shut off until after midnight. we're hoping that a lot of these people are taking mass transit home. live in pier 29, patti lee, ktvu news. let's head across the bay. this is pittsburg. this is what it looked like from news chopper 2 about 5
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minutes ago. kind of a different view looking down on the fireworks instead of looking up at them. you can see the fog didn't reach pittsburg and it didn't cause any problems. we talked with a contra costa fire marshal and he told us they looked for a number of things including making sure the tubes don't fall over once the fireworks are lit. and they checked credentials for added safety crews couldn't stop setting up smaller shows until noon. fireworks professionals know these big fireworks could bedisastrous if not completely misunderstood. >> it's not something that you can light a product and watch it go. there's much more involved in that because you don't know who manufactured it and you don't know how it's going to take off. >> reporter: fire inspectors were on-site.
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we were in dublin today, one of 15 bay area cities where people can buy certain types of took fireworks. we found a couple of families that came to the park for pyrotechnic fun. our fireworks coverage continues throughout the hour for you. coming up at 10:15, amber lee will join us from oakland where police are busy cracking town on what you see here illegal fireworks. we will also go back to our patti lee who's one of the hundreds of thousands celebrating the fourth in san francisco. across the bay area and the state for that matter saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints tonight to crack down on drunken drivers. the message is deeply felt after the loss of a young mom and her young daughter to a dui crash. debora. >> reporter: thousands of people are now just leaving the
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celebration here at mount diablo high school. driving home on what is an explosive night for car crashes. six times as many accidents on the 4th is a normal day. about half drinking related. behind that dui crash are broken lives. >> reporter: until a few days ago lorena styled here. she crashed with her daughter khloe. >> just a beautiful baby. >> reporter: it's been a week of flowers and tears at her salon where it seems they just welcomed khloe's birth. >> we were super excited about this baby. and now we lose her to a senseless thing such as drunk driving. and it shouldn't be there. that should not be happening. >> reporter: it happened on a two lane bridge where
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investigators say an unlicensed intoxicated 24-year-old man crossed over on his suv and hit lorena's car head on. >> i think it's definitely outrage regarding any time lives are lost. >> reporter: concord police know the two deaths struck a nerve in their community. this independence day event is dry, no alcohol served or allowed. sobriety a conscious choice like any driver can make. >> we hope that people who are making a choice to drink and drive that they'll think twice about it when they see the sorrow that can be caused. >> reporter: that sorrow from lorena's family is expressed on a guardrail steps from where she died. the other driver was not hurt, turns out he had two prior duis. outstanding warrants and has been deported before. next to her, her husband.
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still hospitalized with crushing leg injuries. >> he said he was in a lot of pain and a lot of heart ache. mainly, he says his legs did not hurt him as much as his heart. everybody liked her. she had just something about her that you couldn't be mad at her even if you wanted to. >> reporter: lorena dominguez grew up in concord and burial expenses for her and khloe are at $20,000 so far. mothers against drunk driving is teaming up with ride sharing service uber for a new drink driving campaign. the campaign is called oober madd. as we get an up close look at the damage it left behind.
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that fire was big enough to burn half of a small town. >> reporter: half of collinsville is ashes. sam lib erati watched as the fire sparked. people did what they could. >> we lost the water so we couldn't use any anything to fight it. just stand there and watch. >> me and him got pots and pans and throwing them and the wind is blowing it. >> reporter: elane dennis and her parents moved into a rental home earlier this week. theirs the first to go. >> it started as a little fire. then next thing i know it's on the back porch, there's pieces flying, hitting us. >> reporter: the family lost everything including pets. >> i got what i could, when i was going in there i almost
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puked because the smoke was getting so bad and i couldn't go back. >> right now we're working to get all the folks that lost their homes a place to stay. >> reporter: by evening crews got a handle on the scene but not before the fire claimed eight hopes -- homes and damaged three ohs. in addition to burned homes and hard conditions, firefighters had to deal with live power lines. but now pg & e is trying to restore power to this community. neighbors are calling the fire suspicious. but investigators will be combing through the rubble well into the night to determine the cause. meanwhile, sam who lost all of his late wife's belongings until the fire is thankful that nobody was hurt. >> kind of broke my heart. wanted to start crying. but it could have been worse. >> reporter: in collinsville, katie utehs. there's a two acre one alarm fire in contra costa
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county burning right now. firefighters say they almost have it out. these pictures taken just minutes ago. it's burning through dry grass and brush along walnut creek. that's the creek off of betly street. a major fire could not stop the -- flames jumped from tree to tree eventually jumping the cal expo fairgrounds. cal expo, the raging waters park and other recreational areas were shutdown. at first the city cancelled the fireworks but then started them at 7:00. the fire is mostly contained but crews are watching out for hot spots because of the wind and the very dry conditions. roads have reopened in the area of that fire in napa county which is now 65% contained. up from 55% earlier today. calfire crews also say they have stopped the spread of the
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fire toward populated areas in polk valley. the number of acres burned still stands at 4,300. two homes were destroyed. all of the people who were evacuated on tuesday have now been allowed to return to their homes but they are being advised to watch out for downed power lines and smoldering trees and brush. b.a.r.t. services back up and running after a person was struck and killed on the tracks at the richmond station. this happened shortly before 4:35. the collision forced the closure of the el cerrito and richmond station. the cerrito station reopened quickly. but the richmond station remained close for investigation. police arrested a second juvenile in connection with a violent home invasion robbery and sexual assault of an elderly woman. the attack happened early tuesday morning on sun shadow lane. the two suspects broke in, attacked the elderly man and the 85-year-old woman who lived at the home and then stole
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their suv and led police on a high speed chase. that chase finally ended when they crashed into a home. police arrested the 15-year-old passenger who was pinned inside. but it took until today to track down the driver. he will now be booked into santa clara juvenile hall. police arrested a 15-year- old boy he is accused of shooting an 11-year-old boy. police say officered arrested the 14-year-old late last night. he's in juvenile hall now. they believe he shot 11-year- old gregory kent yesterday. kent was taken to a hospital in sacramento where he's in stable condition. we have no information to know about what may have led up to the shooting. a major chicken recall on one of the most popular days to fire up the grill. the warning from officials and the items you need to look out for. coming up the low cloud cover pattern to come in
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tomorrow morning. and the direction temperatures will be trending this weekend. there are many illegal fireworks going on here in oak -- oakland. we go behind the scenes to show you how police are cracking down. female announcer: when you see this truck, female announcer: it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday, choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models,
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including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but hurry. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ as we first reported last night foster farms is issuing a major recall for children sold here in california. tonight ktvu's john fowler gives the product codes involved in this recall and he shows us how it all impacted the most popular days for
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outdoor grilling. >> reporter: nothing says fourth of july like bar-be-que and chicken is a favorite. word of the foster farm recall alerted some people. >> scary, scary. >> reporter: sandra perez says luckily the chicken today is not part of the recall. but foster farm has been her favorite in the past. >> i have a couple of foster farms in my freezer. so when i get home i'll have to throw it out. >> reporter: this recall was sparked by a food poisoning case of a 10-year-old californians child definitely linked to foster farms. >> it's crazy. i buy the chicken all the time. last thing i want to think about is getting sick, you know. >> reporter: sold at safe way, costco and other retailers around the country, foster farm
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is a favorite. the recall is for chicken with use or freeze by tkaets from march 21st to 29th. plant codes p6937, 6937a and p7632. the company has had contamination issues going back a decade. >> i will buy other brands at this time until they get the problem solved. >> reporter: you can protect yourself. food experts say always cook raw meet to at least 165 degrees fan -- fahrenheit
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that kills the bacteria. firefighters say five adults and one child living in an apartment all got out safely. the owner of the building turned on a propane heater to try to exterminate to some termites. and continuing coverage of the fourth of july. just about everywhere we look tonight we can see illegal fireworks displays. from one side of oakland to the other. you can see the flash of the explosion and people all around the city said they can hear that unmistakable boom. those illegal fireworks startedded just as soon as the sun set. law enforcement said they knew it was coming and they were prepared to deal with it. >> reporter: we went behind the scenes with authorities as they were suppressing their operation. >> reporter: the fog rolled in so you can't see the many illegal fireworks displays going on right now across the city. but we can certainly hear them.
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and this year police say they are making a much bigger effort to save lives and property. there's no escaping the illegal fireworks that light up the sky in oakland. the sights and sounds are a constant and sometimes damaging. >> the vehicle is broken out. >> reporter: police responded to the owner who made the report. >> i don't know what it is. but you can see where it hit it. >> i heard a boom and i was in the shower. but the time i came outside, it was, nobody was out there and i looked and i saw my glass shattered. >> reporter: this is the shattered black window of his kia. it was parked on the street when firefighters say it was likely hit by fireworks. >> there's the remnants of fireworks. >> reporter: officers were briefed on the illegal fireworks crack down strategy. they have 100 extra officers on patrol. it will start with a single officer in each patrol car.
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saturating the streets. as it gets later, officers will respond to any large -- large incident with a group. whether someone is arrested is determined on a case by case basis. >> if it's a large fireworks or something that rises to a higher level of danger we'll actually make an arrest. >> reporter: by 5:00 this evening the 911 dispatch center was already busy with dozens of calls waiting for an officer respond. with the fourth of july falling on a friday. >> and it's nice weather outside. so-- >> what does that mean? >> pet storm. >> reporter: -- >> perfect storm. >> reporter: one homeowner says she will keep an eye out. >> i am sure this neighborhood will be taken that kind of stance. >> reporter: as for the man
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who's car was damaged by fireworks. >> i'm kind of mad because i just bought the car in november so it's brand new. >> reporter: while police are focused on cracking down on illegal fireworks, officers say they still have to give priority to violent crimes. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on fireworks enforcement. anyone caught with illegal fireworks can face pretty steep fines and up to $10,000 if a large amount of fireworks is involved. neighbors in oakland can report illegal fireworks by calling the tip line, there's also an easy way to get rid of illegal fireworks. 65 fire stations have set up drop off boxes. earlier today torrential rains and strong winds battered parts of massachusetts causing some flooding.
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>> arthur does not like us right now. i don't know why we disappointed him but we don't mind it. he's not welcomed. >> reporter: so far arthur has only skirted the eastern seaboard pretty much staying offshore. forecasters say arthur will likely weaken to a tropical storm by tomorrow morning when it's expected to make land fall in canada. in fact, arthur barely a hurricane right now with winds of 35 miles per hour. once the winds go below 74 this will become a tropical storm. mainly just a rain producer across the northeast as it continues on its northeasterly track within the next two or three days. right here in the bay area. we've been talking ability -- about the breeze at the coast. shallow marine layer and fog regrouping already near the coast and near the bay. that will be a factor tomorrow morning. here's a list of the satellite with clouds over san francisco.
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out toward brisbane as well. alameda and the oakland area as well. low clouds near the bay. lots of 50s. santa rosa forecast low of 50. santa rosa 67. probably a bit more coverage in the morning. coming back to near the shoreline. still patchy fog. and a big temperature range. warmest locations inland in the upper 80s to 90s. tomorrow i am expecting a few 90s. oakland 75. santa rosa 85 degrees. san jose 85 and look at los gatos warming up to 90 degrees. coming up the temperature change you can expect for your sunday. when a new neighborhoods can be approaching 100. a bay area grandmother assaulted right outside a casino. >> first thing i know, he's grabbing me. he put his hand down my shirt. >> we talked to the woman as
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she's released from the hospital. >> plus the fiery end to a high speed chase involving a tesla. what fishes say started it all. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
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a high speed chase involving a tesla ended in a crash. that tesla slammed right into two cars then hit two light poles then literally see it there split in half. the driver was ejected through the front windshield and is now in critical condition. five others including two l.a. police officers were taken to the hospital. the chase began after police got a call about someone tampering with a car at a tesla dealership. in san francisco police arrested a homeless man after a crash. police think the homeless man stole a truck in the mission district and drove it into the
10:26 pm
gated lot. a lot supervisor saw him near a shed that stores items that have been confiscated from homeless encampments. the supervisor ordered him to leave. he then took a crane truck and tried to run over the supervisor. instead he hit a crane, a truck and two cars before being stopped. the woman says she was leaving the casino around 8:00. she says aen man she and another woman had met at the snack bar assaulted her. >> next thing i know he was grabbing me. he put his hand down my shirt. >> reporter: he tried to drag her to his car. she tried to get away and fell to the ground. she told her two sons that some
10:27 pm
bystanders and casino workers helped her. >> she says that next thing she knew a casino worker was dragging her. >> it was heartbreaking to see her lip all swollen like the way it is. she has a cast from her anneing -- from her ankle to the top of her thigh. >> reporter: this afternoon, the woman was discharged to spend the holiday at home with her sons. >> we don't want her in the hospital right now. so, we're going to take her home and take care of her. >> reporter: they hope any witnesses will call police. >> it's not as safe as they think. >> reporter: the family says they just want people to be extra cautious. they say police are reviewing surveillance video. in san pablo, jana katsuyama, channel 2 news. corinthian colleges and the u.s. department of education have reached an agreement that calls for the company to sell
10:28 pm
85 of its campuses and sell 12 others. corinthian owns everest college and yotech school. corinthian operating four heald colleges here in the bay area. the company has not disclosed which campuses it plans to close. celebrating the fourth of july. >> controlled chaos here in san francisco whereabout 200,000 people are now headed home or at least trying to. a live report coming up. >> the cold case has gone hot again. six women were killed more than 30 years ago. the new information tonight, police are on the look out for and hope that you can help. >> and you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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happening now, after worries about fog you can see here fireworks lit up the fourth of july sky. fireworks exploded right under the fog layer so no one would be disappointed. >> that show ended just half an hour ago. you can see there's still a good sized crowd out here but nothing compared to what it was about 20 minutes ago when there were 200,000 or so people linedded -- lined up to see this pyrotechnics show. a huge cheer wednesday up after that first set of fireworks was set up at 9:30. which was a big relief because many of these families have been waiting outside in the cold for hours to catch this show. which is one of the biggest events in the country. >> we were just amazed by all the fireworks that were -p --
10:32 pm
were popping in the sky and it was beautiful. we were able to see all the colors brightly. so there wasn't a dim moment in that 30 minutes. >> now wheeler says it took her an hour to take the bus from downtown san francisco to fisherman's wharf and you can see why traffic is at a standstill. a lot of major arteries still closed. will stay closed until 11:30 or midnight. so a long wait. you can see a lot of people hanging out waiting for some of these crowds to dissipate. patti lee. >> a perfect night for fireworks in the east bay. a warm sunny warm 4th of july give way to clear skies. news chopper 4 flew over the pleasanthill fireworks show. thousands lined the streets in downtown alameda to watch
10:33 pm
dancers, horses and live music. the parade started on park street then on to webster street. alameda is one of the longest 4th of july parade in the country. in danville the fourth of july festivities started early with the city's fourth of july parade. thousands of people came out as they always do to watch. american flags and festive floats filled the streets of downtown danville this morning. it was a day to celebrate, but it was also a day to remember those who have served. >> it's amazing i'm trying to hold back the tears. i had to walk half way downtown but it's okay. >> an estimated 40,000 came out to attend today's parade. there are new developments tonight in a decade's old cold case. >> as cristina rendon reports,
10:34 pm
police now have a prime suspect in the stabbing death of six women almost a decade ag. the gypsy hill murders, five bay area woman. >> reporter: and a sixth in reno were stabbed to death in 1976. now the fbi is saying they're looking for a possible witness. a white man who was in his late 20s or early 30s at the time driving a car with nevada license plates in san mateo county. investigators know it's a vague description but one they hope triggers a memory. >> really if they saw something out of the ordinary. if they thought someone frequented the area from nevada. maybe not at the right place at the right time to give us a call. >> detectives reopened the cold case investigation in march when dna evidence found on the five bay area women matched dna found on a woman killed in reno nevada around the same time. the brother of one of the victims veronica casio of
10:35 pm
pacifica says her family says she's glad the case is alive. her mother is 80 years old now and wants to see her daughter's case solved. >> with every six victims there's a family and there's a story. we're hoping from not just a criminal justice perspective but from a community perspective. >> if you have any information, you're urged to call police and reference the gypsy murder cases. the trade involving the oakland a's. they're getting one of the west pitchers in baseball. mark will have all the details a bit later in sports. it's a day most in the bay area will never forget. the day a plane crashed in the san francisco airport. remembering those killed as we get close to the one year anniversary of the asiana plane crash. fireworks all over the bay area. untorch in thely what you're
10:36 pm
looking at here are illegal fireworks happening in oakland. more coverage coming up right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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protest in southern california over immigration today. police say one person even jump on the back of an officer. inspite of days of protest the u.s. transported more undocumented children and adults from texas to river side county today. some protested against housing the immigrants there others want the obama administration to grant the children asylum. sunday marks one year since the deadly crash of asiana flight 214. today family and friends gathered to remember the lost students. the students were heading to summer camp, going sightseeing, and touring colleges in california. and you will recall just
10:40 pm
last month, the ntsb found the pilots relied on systems that could not understand. as a result they mismanaged the landing and hit the sea wall. the board recommended better training and requiring pilots to manually land planes more often so they can remain familiar. the embassy featured an emergency warning on its website after getting word from the uganda police. today marks the 38th anniversary of a raid on the same airport by commandos. iraqi prime minister vowed to fight until the militants that have taken over most of his nation are gone. red cross officials say they're
10:41 pm
doing what they can to try to comfort refugees. >> we're trying as fast as possible to provide those needs by providing sugar, salt, rice, oil etc. >> reporter: armed squads from the iraqi armed forces are patrolling the area outside of baghdad trying to make sure the area remains secure. a war hero turned you tube sensation turned into the star of the show today at a 4th of july parade. >> wow there's a lot of people. >> the special honor this man received today in san jose. >> ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the conditions for the rest of your 4th of july holiday. >> the bay area's best eater faces another 4th of july. why he would have gone home happy even if someone else ate
10:42 pm
more hot dogs than he did.
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10:44 pm
america's largest fireworks display exploded over the big apple. some 1600 fireworks fired up the show. the producers of the show moved three barges away from the brooklyn bridge. and the grand marshal was a 92- year-old world war ii veteran and you may recall him from a you tube video. >> reporter: cruising a motor bike in san jose, he wound up his experience like this. >> kind of hot. yeah. >> reporter: he's wearing the same wool uniform he wore 70 years ago in world war ii. >> boy this is a lot of people. >> reporter: it's not the first time thousands of people have
10:45 pm
seen him. dale became a you tube sensation during a race in april. >> he decided on his own to dawn his world war ii uniform to go out and wave to the runners that were going right by his house. >> reporter: instead the runners stopped to thank him. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> they didn't care about the race, they cared about joe bell. >> reporter: race organizers asked the local celebrity to be the grand marshal. >> probably the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. >> reporter: while bell was the grand marshal. he certainly was not the only veteran here to feel appreciated today. >> reporter: ray ortiz served in iraq. >> just to see the vehicles and you get the applause. >> look for papa, look for papa. he's coming. >> it's such a great little
10:46 pm
community thing. >> reporter: from music to classic cars. and local heros. the parade and this fourth of july was a day many spectators especially this 95-year-old veteran won't forget. in san jose, allie rasmusen, ktvu news. >> happy 4th. tesla motors says they plan to -- tesla says it appreciates the scale and sense of cooperation the vet have and tesla is not alone. the national unel -- unemployment has dropped compared to 6.1% for the general population. a man behind hidden cash is at it again but this time he's giving away ice cream. >> love free ice cream. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> who doesn't. jason teamed up with ben and jerry to celebrate america's birthday by handing out free
10:47 pm
ice cream. free scoops were given out from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. >> i participated in the hidden cash at the sac state and downtown at the dog park there. but i never found any hidden cash. >> but you got free ice cream today. >> i got free ice cream. i got something out of it. >> reporter: ben and jerry stores in new york and washington, d.c. also participated in the ice cream give away. so far the forecast today, there's been a fireworks forecast. now we're talking about the weekend. a bit of warming trend especially inland. that process started today at least the warming. warmest locations inland in the 90s out toward livermore, concord. look at livermore back up into the 90s. pushing back into the bay, a closer inspection of that low cloud deck over a good portion of san francisco out toward daly city. the clouds moving across the bay as well out toward oakland and alameda at last check and
10:48 pm
hayward reporting partly cloudy skies. current numbers out there updated for the 5:00 hours showing you 50s. san francisco 56, san jose 51. and livermore checks in mostly cloudy skies 65. we have these areas of fog near the coast and near the bay. we've been watching the fog. morning fog, we're going to warm things up especially inland. we're talking more 90s. the extended a bit of a warming trend as we head into monday and looks like a cooling trend that will develop into next week as well. high pressure. this will be the source of some warming but we're not going to have those hot offshore winds. the beaches not much of a major warm up. so the coast some patchy fog. cool for tomorrow. inland lots of sunshine. temperatures back up into the 90s. we're going to heat things back up on monday. and getting right around 100
10:49 pm
degrees and we'll shave off a few degrees for tuesday and wednesday. with the warming weather pattern especially inland. fire damage does ramp up quite a bit. santa rosa 85. vacaville 94. some more neighborhoods a string of 70s around the bay and head inland you will find 80s out -- be careful driving highway 1 there's a big drop off in visibilities. san francisco 57 and half-moon bay 63. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast with the weekend always in view. we're going to be warming things back up by sunday. warmest locations inland in the upper 90s. but the beaches not walling up too much. mainly in the 60s to right around 70 degrees. monday the hottest day of the week and we'll gradually reduce
10:50 pm
those numbers. maybe we'll have high hopes for next year. >> we always have high hopes for next year. san jose's hot dog eating sensation has done it again. >> ladies and gentlemen, 61 dogs and buns. the champion of the world, joey chestnut. >> he is now an eighth time winner of the nation's hot dog eating contest. he's celebrating more than a victory. right before the contest, got down on one knee, and proposed to his girlfriend and she said, yes. >> how could you not. >> that's romantic. >> i feel that -- >> that's a hot dog. >> i feel like we watch joey chestnut grow ep every year -- chestnut grow up every fourth of july. call him buster bean. beating everyone to the bunch
10:51 pm
and landing the most coveted available pitcher in the major leagues right now. traded catapult from the a's from contender to major favorite in the american league. oakland has acquired semarja. 25-year-old right hander. has an excellent 2.8 era. pitching for the cubs. oakland also adds hamels who has eight wins. to get him they part with edison robson. he is considered a can't miss talent. now here's the way it shapes up on paper aside from semarja and hamel who has got an era under three by the way. chicago building for that always illusive cubs future. not only get adison russell but
10:52 pm
daly and mckinney who look pretty good in spring training. all about pitching and defense and the lack there of in another a's extra inning win. you will see what i mean. festive afternoon. cabrera take it 2-on. when cespedes is robbed at right field. but there would be more. and they get help, josh donaldson on his derier gets a beautiful double play. i'm watching too much soccer. nick punto slides it to left. milky giveth. the big catcher pokes around, derrick norris game winning run. angels 1-2 so it's still a 3- 1/2 game lead for oakland in the west. the giants have apparently taken a full time residence in loserville. never are you going to see a
10:53 pm
team 1-1/2 games back out of first place in july. look so incapable of winning right now. they try and stay cool and collected but matt cain now 1- 7. gives up the long ball. 1-0, 2-0 the final. san francisco with only four hits all day. meanwhile clayton kershaw throws eight more shut out innings for the dodgers to crush colorado they now have 1- 1/2 lead over the giants. meantime world cup, exhilarating victory for brazil over rival columbia. but the celebration crushed with a new, the biggest star naymar is done. we'll tell you why next in sports part two.
10:54 pm
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try to put it in perspective. in our country, the giants, the yankees can give you the idea of passion. when brazil and colombia get matched up. brazil would squeeze out a 2-1 victory out of columbia.
10:57 pm
but without their great start naymar columbia's juan zuniga kneed him in the back. neymar carried out on a stretcher has sustained a broken verdict -- vertibrae and he will miss the rest of the cup. germany earns a fourth consecutive appearance in the semi finals. there you have it. brazil against germany next up. and plenty more soccer and it will conclude a week from sunday. that's it. >> boy broken vertibrae. >> it would be like having barry bonds out. in baseball terms. that's it. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel two news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning news will continue to monitor the illegal fireworks being set off all across the bay area and the dangers that could arise from them. they're here tomorrow morning
10:58 pm
at 7:00. you can follow us on twitter, facebook and of course happy4th. >> good night.
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we're having a yard sale for our social studies class to raise money for unicef. the point is for us to learn about global altruism. no, the point is for us to raise more money than miss cooper's class so we get a pizza and a pool party. your cynicism makes me sad for our world. ease up, delgado. i've seen you with a pizza. ugh. i hate garage sales. bunch of shady characters going through my stuff. why can't i just write a check? ay, relax, jay. it's just a couple of people in the driveway. yeah, that's where it starts. then it's, "it's just a local call." "can i use your bathroom?" "my mother needs to lie down." no, it just stinks. he did write a check. shh! the less he knows, the better. you're not even here anymore. but it's my stuff.


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